Welcome! About the Open Source Food Safety Initiative

Starting a new food business or processing venture can be daunting, especially considering the proprietary nature of food safety plans and research results necessary to making our food system safe.

The goal of the Open Source Food Safety Initiative is to make food safety information available to everyone. Building on concepts first developed by the Open Source Software movement, we aim to make food safety plans and information freely shareable, modifiable, and usable. This website is designed to serve as a forum for sharing, discussing, and collaborating on food safety information.

Creating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, plans can be a particularly tricky endeavor for new food processors, so we’re starting by sharing food safety plans developed by Underground Food Collective, a restaurant group and processor in Madison, Wisconsin whose co-owner Jonny Hunter has been essential to the development of this project.

All HACCP plans are available in Google Spreadsheet form, a flexible venue intended for sharing and collaboration and intended to be user-friendly. Now, we want to hear from you! Each form is editable using Google Drive’s “comments” feature. We intend to create dialogue around these forms. We will compile comments and questions for discussion using this blog, and release edited versions of plans on a monthly basis or as a critical mass of edits has been reached.

As open source documents, plans on this site belong to everyone. Share them, discuss them, modify them for your own use, or make suggestions for how to improve them.  In sharing this information, we hope to make our food system safer and more inclusive by facilitating the spread of free information for those developing new food enterprises.

Interested in getting involved? Join our Google Group, a forum for asking questions, posting topics, and sharing information. Visit this blog for periodic updates on this project and upcoming events. Finally, if you’re a current food business proprietor or processor, make your own plans open source by sending them as Word, Excel, or Google files to info@opensourcefoodsafety.org to be hosted on our HACCP page.

Got food safety questions or ideas for a blog post? Email us. We're excited to hear from you!