devin balkind

Devin Balkind works at the intersection of the nonprofit sector, the free/libre/open-source (FLO) movement, and grassroots community organizing initiatives to help each benefit from the best practices of the others. He began his career as an entrepreneur who developed a challenge-based crowdfunding platform for nonprofit organizations. During this experience, he realized that, even more than a lack of funding, it was a lack of collaboration among nonprofits was limiting the sector’s effectiveness. Since then, Devin has been applying FLO methodologies to civil society’s challenges by developing and deploying software tools and operational techniques for a wide range of groups including software development communities, grassroots organizing initiatives, new media publications, conventional nonprofits, agriculture networks, and most recently, disaster relief coalitions. Devin holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University and a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Center for Bioregional Living.

rachel boothby

Rachel is a PhD candidate in the Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation on the cultural geography and environmental history of the US food system explores the consequences of modern American production, processing, and consumption of pigs for human culture and the environment. Rachel’s work on the Open Source Food Safety Initiative to develop open source food safety materials for use by small food producers around the world was the main project of her 2016-17 Public Humanities Fellowship, a program from the UW-Madison Center for the Humanities generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Jonny hunter

Jonny Hunter is co-owner and founder of Underground Food Collective in Madison, Wisconsin. He earned a B.A. in English and has a Masters in Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Underground Food Collective currently operates a restaurant, a butcher shop, a catering company, a meat processing company in Madison, among other ventures.

Emily julka

Emily Julka is a video artist and designer based in Madison, Wisconsin. She works to employ new media techniques in various aspects of storytelling, and has special interest in producing informative, engaging media focused on environmental and societal significances. Her work explores topics of sustainability, location-specific visuals, process-driven presentations, humans + craft, and expressions of water.

scott moucka

Scott is Operations Manager for Underground Meats, where he is responsible for writing and implementing the HACCP plans that ensure the business produces safe and compliant products. Scott joined Underground in Summer 2015 to lead the effort in getting the company into the Interstate Shipping Program. As of Fall 2016, Underground can sell dry-cured salami anywhere in the country under the CIS program. 

timothy vollmer

Timothy Vollmer is Public Policy Manager for the global non-profit organization Creative Commons, which provides free legal tools for creators to share their works on open terms, and advocates for a more fair copyright around the world. Before working at Creative Commons, he was Assistant Director to the Program on Public Access to Information for the American Library Association, focusing on technology and policy issues affecting the changing nature of libraries. Timothy earned a graduate degree in Information Science from the University of Michigan, and studied sociology at the University of Wisconsin. He is a co-founder of the Underground Food Collective