4 Girls Basketball Beginners Drills You Can Do at Home

It is only by practicing that you can learn. A boy was walking down the road while dribbling through his leg as a kid. As a child, I saw a boy dribbling a ball between his legs while walking down the road. Then I started practicing. The basketball can now be dribbled through the legs. Check out these four drills that will improve your skill. If you are looking for the best basketball practice and community you can visit club basketball team

Drill 1: Wall Dribbling

1. Dribble the basketball using your right arm while facing away from a solid wall.

2. Dribble with your hand extended to about 90°. Only use your fingers to dribble, not the entire palm. Also, your wrist should move up and then down in a motion similar to waving goodbye.

3. Dribble now by extending the arm slightly.

4. Follow up with a dribble using the full arm extension.

5. Repeat with the other hand.

Drill 2: Finger Tip Drill

1. The ball should be passed from one hand to the other in front your body using only the tips of the fingers.

2. Tipp the ball between your hands as you raise the basketball up from the ground.

Drill #3: Rope jump

1. Jump rope using both feet

2. Change to jumping using the right foot.

3. Now, jump with your left leg.

Wave Bye: Drill 4.

1. As you hold your arm out in front, make sure that the upper part of it is parallel to floor. Your lower arm will be perpendicular, creating an “L” shape.

2. Hold the hand in a position that is slightly cocked, with a small wrinkle just behind your wrist.

3. Keep your hand in the same position as you did after waving. You should extend your arm forward and align the wrist with the upper and lower arm. It is important to maintain this position.

4. Repeat.