Amazon Rainforest Medicines: How They Can Transform Your Life

Amazonia is known to almost everyone. It is the largest eco system on earth and it may be the most important. Amazon rainforest plants have a number of important functions. Click to read more.

How about some fresh air for you?

Amazon rainforests are often called “the lungs of planet”. Amazon rainforest plants produce a large portion of oxygen or fresh air in the entire world. The rainforest continuously recycles CO2 into oxygen. The plants in the Amazon would make it so that we have to go deeper and further for air.

Do You Have Enough Clean Water?

The second most important thing we require, next to air freshness is water. The Amazon rainforest produces up to 30% of the world’s freshwater in rain. Rain causes plant growth. That’s a given. There have been statistical studies done on satellite images which show that the more plants, the more rain. Amazonian plants are vital to all of us.

Get the most out of your medicine and nutrition

Amazonian plant species are a major source for many natural medicines that save lives today. These plants also contain the primary ingredients found in 25% of the pharmaceuticals being sold worldwide. In the Amazon rainforest, there are thousands upon thousands of plants. However, only a small percentage of these have been evaluated for their potential medicinal benefits. A treasure trove full of medicinal benefits for humans is waiting to be found. Amazonian health nutrition has also been underutilized. The properties of certain plant species are able to make a big difference in everything from diabetes to depression and cancer.

To let the destruction of this Eco System occur would be the greatest shame that humanity could ever face.

According to many scientists, if Amazon reaches 40% of deforestation then it will be at the tipping point. The eco-system won’t support itself. The Amazon is already 20% deforested. The short sighted thinkers can not let this important resource be wasted for short-term profits. We are looking at the rich people and nations to take action. To make sure that people are aware of the necessity of individual actions, it’s important to educate them. The destruction of the Amazon would slow down if consumers consciously decided to only purchase products produced sustainably in the Amazon. Contribute towards organizations and companies who actively support preservation.