Hire a Waste Recycling Company to Help Save the Planet

If you think that your weekly garbage is not a big deal, then you need to calculate. For example, you might place three rubbish bags at the curb per week. Then you have 156 rubbish bags per week. Imagine that in your city there are 2 000 homes that produce 156 bags per year. It’s 312,000 garbage bags that end up in landfills. Imagine how much waste is collected by every household, business and office in the world each week. It’s a shocking number – important link.

What’s more, 75 per cent of the trash that goes into plastic bags to be thrown away in landfills can actually be recycled. EPA reports that 30 percent of the recyclables are actually recycled. Although aluminum cans appear to be a material that is recycled by many, still, over 55 billion cans were either discarded, incinerated, or sent directly to landfills rather than being recycled. There are a lot of cans that have been thrown out and not recycled.

While you might not have the power to alter everything, you can make an impact. Each person generates approximately 1.5 tonnes of waste each year. A waste recycling company can help you with this. It is very easy to do by contacting a waste recycling firm. They will arrive and take your recyclables waste materials from containers provided. It is then transported to the material recovery center where approximately 28 tons are processed every hour. That’s about 438 tones per day.

The paper will be sent out to be recycled and made into new paper. For example, glass is recycled into more glasses and metals are recycled back into more metals. The majority of what you discard in your trash bin every week is recyclable. You can recycle up to four of the bags you use each week.

Waste recycling can be a tedious task, according to many. It’s as simple as placing your recyclable material into the container designated by the waste recycling firm and letting them do the rest. They collect it, sort it and ensure that it’s all reused. Soon you will be drinking water from a glass bottle that you previously used for practice.